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Discover Montmartre

You can hardly find a neighborhood in Paris with a more typical atmosphere and traditional setting than Montmartre. Located in the 18th arrondissement, with its small streets, majestic monuments, and old buildings, most of which have been built in the XIXth century, this area is one of the most charming of the capital and something you must see.

This hill, which is 130m high is the highest one of the city and Montmartre is a place in which numerous historical events have taken place, such as the Commune de Paris, a revolt in 1871. Nowadays it remains one of the most touristic area of the city and a place filled with cultural and historical locations.


If you decide to take a walk there, you may want to start by climbing the impressive stairs which lead to the top of the hill and to the “Basilique du Sacré-Coeur” ; in that case, take the time to enjoy the park with its lawns on which you can even have a picnic in Summer. The youngest may even want to try the carousel and feel like a princess or a knight for a few minutes. But if you are too tired or want to spare your energy, you can still take the funicular on the left of the park which is accessible using a metro ticket.


Once you’ve reached the top, you will be just next to the Place du Tertre which is famous for its artists who paint and sell there work there and its numerous cafés that recreate the atmosphere of Paris during the first half on the XXth century. Some people may even try to stop you and propose to draw your picture for a few euros. The streets in this area are full of little shops and nice places so do not hesitate to check them out !

Not far from the Place du Tertre and Place des Abbesses, the two mains squares of the neighborhood, you will find some of our vacation apartments in particular the beautiful Abbesses vacation rental.


If you find the great number of tourists stifling, don’t worry, you just have to take the street that goes around the basilica on the left or go past the Place du Tertre to find places which are much less crowded and just as beautiful. For example, contrarily to the park in front of the Sacré-coeur, the small “Square Marcel Blanchet“ is rarely crowded and can be the perfect place to take a break for a few minutes. And the “rue Cortot” and the “rue de l’Abreuvoir” which lead to the “place Dalida” are other extremely charming streets in which you can admire the beautiful grape vines of Montmartre which are still in activity nowadays (but which can’t unfortunately be visited). For those of you who would like to stop for some cultural activity, you even have the small Musée de Montmartre, which will enable you to learn more about the history of the area.

After having walked and visited all these historical and cultural monuments, it may be time for a break and even some shopping, in that case, just head towards the “rue des Abbesses”, not far from there which will be the perfect place. In it, you will find restaurants and cafés, you will be able to enjoy some French food on a terrace but also numerous fashion shops in which you will most likely find the exact piece of clothing you wanted.


Combining everything that you could hope to find in Paris : the culture, the History, the nice cafés and tasteful shops, Montmartre is a central neighborhood in the capital in which you will surely have a wonderful time. So if you have half a day or even an entire day to spend, take the subway to the Station “Anvers” or “Abbesses” and enjoy !

To fully enjoy the atmospher of this district, the best thing is to live there with your lover in a typical parisian holiday studio , with your family in a beautiful vacation apartment or with your friends in an incredible loft for 5 guests.


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