The Eiffel Tower

Discover the Eiffel Tower :

Who hasn’t heard of the Eiffel Tower ? This is the most famous monument of the city, the symbol of Paris, and sometimes even of France. In Paris, you can see the Eiffel Tower everywhere : on the postcards, in souvenir shops, even on t-shirts sometimes, and yet, you would be amazed of the number of Parisians who have actually never been in the Eiffel Tower !

If you’re coming to visit Paris for vacation, there is at least one unmissable things do to in this beautiful city : Visit the Eiffel Tower. If you are looking for an outstanding experience that you will remember, this is a must.

It was named after its engineer Gustave Eiffel who also took part in the construction of the Statue of Liberty and was supposed to show France’s advanced technology for the Exposition Universelle (or World’s fair) in 1889. With its 324m, it is the highest building in Paris and when it was built, in 1889, it was the highest one in the entire world. But did you know that, at first, Parisians hated that gigantic building that they found extremely ugly and even signed petitions to have it demolished ?


When you arrive, you will very likely feel dizzy when looking up to the huge framework. One tip : if you plan on visiting the Eiffel Tower, you should go really early in the morning (visits start at 9a.m) or late in the evening (they end at 11p.m or midnight depending on the period of the year) and not during the week-end in order to avoid most of the crowd, but you will very likely still have to wait a little while before accessing the building because the number of tourists who want to visit it is impressive !  If you don’t want to wait too long and that you have enough energy, take the stairs, not only will that enable you to skip most of the queue but it is also very nice to see the buildings and streets becoming progressively smaller as you climb.

Whether you take the stairs or the elevator, you will probably be amazed by the view once you reach the first and second floors. Do not hesitate to walk around the platform in order to see every aspect of Paris, the Seine, the famous buildings… If you feel hungry or want to buy some souvenirs, several shops will be available in the Eiffel Tower.

There are several types of tickets so keep in mind that you may have to buy an extra one to go to the third floor, which can only be accessed by taking another elevator, this is the highest point of the tower and, undoubtedly, a wonderful way to visit Paris. Check-out their website for more information regarding the prices and the tickets. They also have a very useful calendar which will enable you to have an idea of how long you will have to wait depending on what day you decide to go.

The Eiffel Tower is one of these mythical buildings that you have heard of but that you don’t always have the chance to see or visit, therefore if you are in Paris for a few days and aren’t afraid of heights, going there would be a great idea. And if you still have some energy left after that, take a walk in the neighbourhood, the docks are particularly beautiful around there.

If you need to find a place to stay  near this beautiful monument, don’t hesitate to visit our website with our beautiful holidays apartments. You can take a look in particular to our vacation studio just near the Eiffel Tower (15 minutes walking distance).




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