Paris and its famous film set

Very often when we travel to a big city or a capital that we have been dreaming of visiting for a long time, we already have images of its main places and monuments in mind. Even if we’ve never been to New York, we know what the Statue of Liberty looks like, just like we can identify the Great Wall of China or the Great Pyramid of Giza on a picture. These images come from the news, photos but also from movies we’ve seen. In the case of Paris, most people have seen either The Devil Wears Prada, Midnight in Paris or Ratatouille. And therefore when we have the opportunity to set foot on the places where some of our favourite movies have been shot, why would we miss it ? So here are a few mythical places, which can be seen in movies.

The wharves next to the Île de la Cité in Midnight in Paris

It is well-known that Woody Allen has for a long time had a thing for France and especially Paris in which several of his movies take place (Everyone Says I love You for example). In 2011 he even shot a movie, which pictured Paris in the 1920’s during what is considered by most as the golden age of art in the capital. In it, the setting and the streets of Paris, often at night or under the rain, play a great role and you may notice numerous places of Montmartre for example. But the most emblematic place remains the wharves of the Seine, a place that is very easily accessible and where not only tourists but also Parisians like to take a walk during the Summer or when the weather is clement. So if you want to enjoy a pleasant walk in one of the most historical and beautiful neighbourhoods of the city, go to the station Cité (line 4) and head towards the famous “quai des Orfèvres”

La Renaissance, the café in Inglorious Basterds

Numerous people probably go by this café quite often without even knowing that this has been the set of one of the most famous movies shot (partly) in Paris, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Located at the corner of the rue Championnet and the rue du Poteau in the 18th arrondissement this typical Parisian café doesn’t seem to have anything special… and that may be the reason why Tarantino chose it to illustrate the atmosphere of Paris during the Second World War.

If you’re staying in one of our vacation rentals Baigneur studios, this café could be the perfect place to take a coffee in the morning or take a drink  at night before coming back to the apartment.

The bridge Bir Hakeim in Inception

Paris bridges are usually known in the cinema for the romantic scenes that have been shot there because the view on the Seine and the reputation of the city make them a great place to express feelings. But that is not the angle that Christopher Nolan chose when filming some scenes of Inception in Paris and the scene that takes place on the bridge Bir Hakeim actually ends in a relatively violent way… But this beautiful bridge with its metallic framework that is different from most of those we can usually see in Paris is still worth seeing.


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