Cakes and Sweets in Paris

In a lot of strangers’ mind, France (especially Paris) and food are closely linked and it is true that French people particularly enjoy eating and consider it something important. But even though cheese, wine and bread are amongst France’s symbols, the delicious sweets and the wide variety of cakes that can be found here remains one of the main and most attractive elements of French cooking. This is why we decided to share with you the address of several places where you can find delicious food and their specialties.



One of France’s finest Salon de Thé which is famous all around the world for its wonderful macarons and its numerous pastries which not only taste incredibly but are also very refined. When entering the shop, you may be surprised and delighted by the global delicacy of absolutely everything you will see, welcome in the perfect cliché of the Parisian bakery ! Don’t be surprised if you see a long queue in front of you : tourists, Parisians, a lot of people are eager to taste Ladurée’s products. Whether you are an expert in pastries or not, you will find something new and exceptional to discover, here, the most classical recipes have original flavours, the refinement of a simple éclair au chocolat will amaze you. A wonderful experience in itself for food an sweets’ lovers.

21 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris    Métro Saint Germain des Prés (line 4)

Open every day between 8:30A.M and 7:30P.M




Ice creams can be found approximately everywhere around the globe and it is not really a French specialty, but in Summer it can be very refreshing so why not decide to go take a walk next to the Seine to admire the river and take the opportunity to stop and buy one of Paris’ best ice cream. If you decide to do so, check-out the Berthillon shop where you can choose to either eat-in or take-out. Not only is it one of Paris’s finest icre-cream shop but it also has the asset of being locate on the Île de la Cité, one of the most beautiful places of the city which you should take the time to visit. The perfect place for a nice break after a long walk in the Summer.

29-31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris   Métro Saint Michel (line 4)

open between 10 A.M and 8 P.M from Wednesday to Sunday


            Pain Pain


Of course there are other famous names of fine places where you can take the time to enjoy a delicious piece of cake but it is also interesting to know that even in some small, apparently perfectly average bakeries you can find treasures you wouldn’t have expected. This is the case of Pain Pain, a bakery located in Montmartre, just a few meters away from the touristic and beautiful Rue des Abbesses. This shop immediately attracts the attention thanks to its intense blue colour but who would expect their bread and their pastries to be so tasty ? If you stay a while in Paris, it is quite likely that you will visit Montmartre at some point, in which case, if you are a sweets and pastries-lover, do not hesitate to go there.

This amazing bakery is not far from our beautiful Abbesses short term rental apartment.

88 Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris  Métro Abbesses (line 12) or Pigalle (Line 2 and 12)

Open between 7 A.M and 8 P.M, closed on Sunday


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