Outdoors Activities in Paris

It’s official, Spring is back in Paris ! Most of the rainy days are behind us, the temperature is rising and the sun visits the city regularly. And when the sun is shining and that the weather is clement, nobody wants to stay inside all day and, on the contrary, wanting to go out, enjoying a picnic or outdoors activities is only natural. Therefore we picked for you a few activities, which fit this beautiful weather and which will give you an insight in real Parisian’s daily life

Markets in Paris


Paris’s market places are a way not only to find delicious and typical things to eat but also to spend time among real Parisians in a heart-warming atmosphere and to enjoy the beauty of Paris’s markets, most of which are outdoors. The best thing is to pick one that you find particularly attracting and to walk freely in the small alleys. But you should know that you will quite likely find hundreds of delicious products that you haven’t even hear of…

If you don’t know many markets, you can check out “Les Enfants Rouges” in the beautiful Marais Area, “Edgar Quinet” or “Saint Quentin” which are beautiful and lively places.

A place to picnic


Now that you have bought all these delicious specialties, pâtés, crêpes, gaufres and jams, the best thing to do is to head towards a nice place where you will be able to rest and eat a bite, before resuming your visits and sight-seeing.

Contrarily to other capital cities, Paris is a relatively small city in which there is a limited number of gardens and one may think that it sometimes lacks vegetation. But the capital also hosts wonderful places in which both the locals and the tourists eat freely when the sun shines. Of course, some of them are very famous such as Montmartre’s Square Louise Michel or Les Tuileries and their small Arc de Triomphe, but have you heard of the parc de la Turlure, a few meters away only from the Sacré Coeur ? Every body has heard of the Galerie Lafayette, but did you know that you can enjoy the sun and eat on its rooftop without having to buy anything ? Paris is full of surprising places which charm will never stop to surprise you.

Outdoors cinema


In the evening, after hours spent in museums or in the streets of Paris, you would like some calm and a relaxing activity to finish this perfect day and if you can combine this with a beautiful sunset or a moving film, it is even better ! So why wouldn’t you enjoy Paris’ festival “Cinéma en plein air”, located in the majestic Bassin de la Villette, another one of the city’s large and well-known gardens. Unfortunately, it only takes place during the Summer and you wont be able to ogo there unless you come in July or in August, but for those of you who do, don’t hesitate take a look at their program, it is free and seeing all these people eating, laughing and then being very quiet and completely mesmerized by this enormous screen is something to experience.


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