Les Champs Elysées by Apart Inn Paris

Discover Les Champs Elysées The Champs Elysées  is a famous Paris’s neighborhood internationally known thanks to the Champs Elysées Avenue, famous for the luxury shop such as Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Chanel … This neighborhood is also famous for the great number of monuments such as the Arc of Triumph, the Grand Palais or the Concorde Square. In this neighborhood, we manage 5 beautiful holiday accomodations … Continuer de lire Les Champs Elysées by Apart Inn Paris

Cakes and Sweets in Paris

In a lot of strangers’ mind, France (especially Paris) and food are closely linked and it is true that French people particularly enjoy eating and consider it something important. But even though cheese, wine and bread are amongst France’s symbols, the delicious sweets and the wide variety of cakes that can be found here remains one of the main and most attractive elements of French … Continuer de lire Cakes and Sweets in Paris

Rue Sainte Anne – A small Japantown in Paris

While visiting Paris, it is hard not to notice the multicultural aspect of the city and the fact that people from all around the world can be found here. Therefore, just like in most big capital cities, you can find neighbourhoods in which one culture is especially highlighted. For example, the Rue Sainte Anne and the rue des Petits Champs are considered as a small … Continuer de lire Rue Sainte Anne – A small Japantown in Paris