Things to do

When visiting a city or a country, we are often eager to discover as many places as possible and when visiting a big city such as Paris it could be difficult to visit every places.

When visiting a city, we are often eager to discover original places that are different from what we are used to and this is not always easy to find them when you come as a tourist.

When visiting a city, our guests want to act like locals and the first step for that is to rent holiday apartments instead of hotels .

This is why, in this section, we will list you the main things to do in the city of lights such as museums, exhibitions, restaurants, bars and so on but also some original things to do to help you get off the beaten track.

Three Original Places to Check-Out in Paris


Rue Sainte Anne – A small Japantown in Paris


A Good Fright in Paris ?


Paris and its famous film set


Cakes and sweets in Paris


Outdoors Activities in Paris

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